A luxury home perfect for the modern couple should be one that exudes functionality and style, where both parents can work and look after their children with ease and comfort. This project is just that! The interior is furnished with Longhi luxury home office furniture, which includes a work desk, office chairs and centre table. The Il fari lighting fixtures perfectly complement the classy ambience with their soft but sufficient glow.

The designers worked to ensure ease of access and design were first priorities. The GeD Cucine kitchen furniture with custom handles are arranged to ensure cooking for the family can be done more conveniently. The high gloss kitchen furniture surface makes cleaning easy. The interior also features top of the line appliances by Gaggenau, giving a very modern look and allowing the family a quick way to unwind and spend quality time together. For the bedroom, designers opted for podium beds for the family to have ample space-efficient storage areas.

In the home office, the bookshelf and work table occupy the corner of the room to ensure parents can work conveniently without losing view of the kids. The work table comes with drawers and dividers for office supplies. The kids, in turn, are given their own hang-out spaces furnished with fancy Nidbatis children’s furniture and nature-inspired decorations and toys.

Gazzotti flooring is used throughout the property and serves as the foundation of the interior’s relaxing and classy colour scheme. The linens, curtains, decors and accent furniture pieces are chosen to complement the colour scheme.

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