This property in St Johns Wood is a perfect example of a modern luxury home with its functional, stylish and space-efficient layout and design. The interior is fitted with marble floors and glass walls, a great way to make the area look more spacious and fluid. It also features adjustable storage areas, especially for the entertainment set.  Swarovski lighting helps create a relaxing ambience. The bed and bedroom seating are custom designed and made of fabrics from Sanderson.

The storage and shelving solutions are from Porada and are chosen for their adjustable, space-efficient storage capacity. The storage for the home theatre set can be flipped and adjusted to face either the bedroom or the sitting area. And for added style and comfort, the designers opted for Armani wallpaper, soft furnishings, curtains, linens, rugs and accent decors with hues aptly chosen to complement the colour of the floor.

The ceiling is designed to accommodate the lighting fixtures, and at the same time, regulate the light. Indoor plants are placed strategically on the corners of the room to create an environmental appeal and add more accents to the interior’s Earth colour scheme. With its moveable pieces and marble floors, cleaning the interior is quick and hassle-free.

The bathrooms are fitted with Punto Tre bathroom fixtures that includes the overhead storage and vanity area with mirror. Its grey and off-white colour scheme gives the area a relaxing ambience perfect for long baths. Swarovski lighting finishes the look with a dramatic feel.

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