Relocating is often a long and tedious process with plenty of steps that need to be taken care of to ensure a hassle-free move, and one where all your personal belongings stay intact and arrive at their destination safe and sound. But the challenges don’t stop the moment you arrive at your new place. There’s the arduous task of unpacking boxes and if you move into an unfurnished space there’s the added issue of having nowhere to sit, eat or sleep!

Well, why not spare yourself the trouble and hire just-move-in services from fci Interior Design? Never heard of it before? Well, they offer a loan furniture service – perfect if you move into an unfurnished or partially furnished property.

You can enjoy essential and non-essential furnishings until such time that the furniture items you have ordered are delivered. And because the company has interior designers London at their disposal, expect a well-thought-out furniture arrangement.

The company also has strong relationships with tried and tested tradespeople helping to ensure that your new home is fully functional and in good working order. Plumbers can check if the boilers are working efficiently, electricians can rectify any bad wiring and decorators and interior designers London can help with the ambience and mood in your home. Suffice to say that just-move-in services from fci Interior Design will make adjusting to your new environment less stressful and less complicated.

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